New Year comes with new opportunities, especially in the ever-changing social media business atmosphere. Like every year, you can see a few amazing upgrades in the marketing trends in 2017 as well.

According to the experts in the social media marketing Australiathere are multiple resources showing how social media is going ahead of its time and providing exciting tools to add to the marketing strategy this year. All you need to do is see the changes and plan to market accordingly.

Hence, in this blog, all the trends have been accumulated that are affecting the marketing structure of social media in 2017.

 1.Messaging apps are the new business tool

Gone are the days when messaging apps were only the texting alternatives. Today, you can see how the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other chatting apps are attracting marketers. With more than 4 billion users worldwide, these apps offer great chances to tap into the target market community.

Whether you have a business promotion campaign in mind or want to provide engaging customer service. These apps are becoming valuable tools to conduct all your strategies.

 2.Live videos bring the target market closer

The popularity of the Facebook live videos is no question. And now, twitter and Instagram have also launched the live video streaming facility. So, for the businesses having a build audience on social media, the live video option can become a community magnet.

With engaging and informative live videos, your business can achieve more loyalty in the communities that constantly interact with each other on social media.

 3.Product selling is shifting to social media

Almost all the social media platforms have established their image as the product selling platforms. The ability to buy products on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have made shopping more effective for consumers. Hence, the businesses have started using these opportunities to showcase their products right where the people can talk about them.

By creating engaging product pages and provide informative videos, the social media can offer greater sales revenue.

 4.Instagram’s story feature is attracting brands

In August 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature called Stories. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram offers much larger audience groups to connect with. Hence, the brands are shifting towards the Instagram to showcase their products and services via pictures and videos. The ROI on Instagram is much better than the Snapchat.

 5.Mobile advertising will take more efforts in social media

The ad revenues are increasing on most of the social media platforms. In this scenario, it is clear that the marketers have to put more efforts in order to get the return on their mobile advertising strategies. Creating high visual quality ads and add a story to it. This is what you need to do in order to get the attention from your target market.

So, now you know the scenarios that social media is going through. For detailed strategy discussion, you should get in touch with one of the social media marketing companies Australia.




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