Search Engine Optimization is the most necessary aspect that keeps your business visible in the virtual world. The continuous efforts you make to make your web portal visible in the target market decides the future of your business. So, in order to attain your SEO goals, your focus needs to be on all the factors that can help your business.

According to the best seo company gold coastthere is a new trend in the SEO world. Due to the shift towards the mobile marketing, Google has started showing applications on the desktop as well as mobile search results. This has presented a great opportunity for the businesses targeting the mobile users. If you optimize your mobile application appropriately, you can tap into the right market and win lots and lots of ranking reward points.

Here, you will find some useful tactics to make your business app search engine friendly.


 1.Anchor brand name with the application

If you have an official website, make sure that the name of your application aligns with the website’s name. You have a certain level of visibility and want to make your brand name authoritative right! So, keeping the name same in the application will surely help you out and make it easier for people to find your app.

 2.Let the Google show your app to the audience

Most people today, use their smartphones to find information, products, or services. With your application, you can make it easier for them to stay connected with your business. But to successfully achieve that, the application must be visible to them.

You can allow your visitors to download the app by providing the download link on your website. Make sure you have suitable versions for multiple types of devices.

Also, allow Google’s crawler to see the links of the application on your website. When Google has the ability to crawl the marked anchor text, the visibility becomes much approachable.

 3.Build link connections between the app and website

This is very important. Your application is valuable for Google only when you give the deserved value to it. To get better ranking chances, you need to add some of the necessary pages to your application profile. Hence, pages such as home, category, and other specific ones should be added to the application. The idea is to convey right signals to Google, so that, it perceives your business as an authoritative one.

4.Make it social

All your brand social media pages have a good number of followings and loyal support. You need those followers to get the application. Also, you want new application users to become a part of your social circle. To do so, you need to link all your social media profiles with the application profile.

Add the application’s link in the profile of you Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms. Also, add social page links to your application profile.

So, start using these tactics to improve your search rankings. For a better approach, you can get the seo services in gold coast.




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