Completely wrong or half understanding of the SEO technicalities can ruin your business. There are many myths about the Search Engine Optimization techniques in the online market. Business leaders assume that they are being given the right knowledge and put their faith in the misconceptions. Ultimately, the wrong approach gives back what it’s supposed to- the failure of the SEO campaign.

According to the experts in a trusted professional seo company in Brisbanethere are three major mistakes that businesses face, which turns into an SEO nightmare for them.

Here, in this blog, you will find what mistakes should be avoided while making an SEO campaign plan.

Mistake 1

Focusing only on traffic rather than the conversion rate

For every business, the conversion rate is the most important aspect that gives the survival ability of the company. The conversion rate is what provides the revenue for the investment you make in the campaign. However, most business leaders skip this goal when it comes to the SEO and start focusing on the high traffic. No doubt high traffic is extremely important. But focusing the complete strategy on getting more traffic is not a wise move.

What you actually need to do is focus on the different sections of your website’s SEO that can bring the maximum conversion and revenue for your business. It can be the product pages, the blog, or even the documentation. The idea should always be to achieve the maximum revenue out of your SEO plan.

Mistake 2

Forgetting the ROI goals to outrank competitors

Overall ROI goals are much more important than beating your competition. The whole idea behind the SEO is to achieve a stable position for the website, so that, the business achieves high returns on investments. But most of the times, business leaders try to put all their efforts in outranking one of their competitors. In many cases, this can distract the campaign from its original path and decrease the ROI to a great extent.

To become a leader in your niche, it is important that your SEO campaign focuses on the overall ROI. Ultimately, the business achieves its stability, and then, you can create a separate keyword plan get the competitive edge in the search rankings.

Mistake 3

Not having the realistic approach towards the CTR

The CTR or the Click Through Rate is the number of hits your page gets from the search results. Now, multiple keyword tools are available out there providing the estimation of the volume for every keyword on a per month basis. But even if a tool says that a particular position for a particular keyword can give you 50,000 clicks, it’s not necessary. It is not sure that every person who searches for that term will click on your page. So, the term “estimation” plays an important role while planning the campaign. Wrong expectations can ruin the results for you in the end.

Finally, it is important to have experienced experts who can differentiate between a good and a bad strategy for you. And there is the best seo service provider in Brisbane who can do the job for you.


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